World Bike Tour @2012



“…seis! cinco! cuato! TRES! DOS! UN! “

這是張生2012年度最勇敢的一次說西班牙文,但不懂”Happy New Year” 怎麼說,唯有以英文取代,但衝口而出的竟是”Merry Christmas!”(誤),2013年第一句說話就錯了,心裡一怯,想幫自己打完場,似乎跟整個氣氛好不連貫,繼而轉身捲入亂叫亂跳的派對中。旁邊的大叔和大嬤過來擁抱,腦子裡出現一句「大步檻過」,或者是今年發生太多事,或者太多的幸運,世界太多改變,捏一捏拳頭,自己平安無事雙腳著地,絕對值得為此舉杯慶祝!!

願所有人身體健康 世界和平

This is the best Spanish I spoke last year. However, in the first minute of 2013, I don’t know how to say “Happy new year”, in return, I made a big mistake: “Merry Christmas” said in English….(what the heck). No one recognized and no one care anyway. We all just dancing and hugging each other in this fascinating moment.

Last year, there are too many things happening to me, too much luck, and the world changed a lot. For this, I have to celebrate that “I’m alive in one piece!”

Wish you all having a good good healthy body, and, world peace.




Can you see the Inca’s face?










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  1. Zenkio 17 Jan ’13 Reply

    I am so Glad that to finish all your blog. Laugh, Laugh and Laugh. I am happy to see your trip, you are really on the GRAND LINE! I have shared some piece of you photo with your website link on Weibo, hope this great trip will get more support.

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